My name is Eric and I started running on Aug 6th, 2010. I am 39 years of age, Soon to be 40 and have never ran until now. I started running because one of my goals in life is to run in a race you know the kind you see on TV and in the magazines with all the people running down the street. The other reason I guess was to stay in shape and keep the weight off. Five years ago I weighed 238 lbs. My cholesterol was through roof and my triglycerides were over 1500. I also have high blood pressure to boot. I had been able to keep the weight off without exercise simply by watching what I eat however I started gaining the weight back and my cholesterol and other numbers started climbing so my Dr. wanted to put me on medication. I said no way and give me 30 days to get my numbers back inline so on Aug 6th, 2010 I put on some shorts, t-shirt and tennis shoes and headed out the door to run.

The only thing I can say is I should have done some research... I literally headed out the door and started running as fast as I could run. It's ok you can laugh, I do. Well needless to say I did not last very long and before I knew it I was doubled over huffing and puffing and could barley stand. Once I caught my breath I begin to run again but this time at a much slower pace. I managed to run/walk my first time out 2.64 miles, 37:07 with an avg of 14:04 /mile.

I know now my first month of running was much harder then it needed to be on me. I only got 5 runs in for the month. I started Sept, 2010 with some online research and boy I sure wish I would have done that first. I found out you are supposed to start out slow, walking was ok and a must for people just starting out. September was a better month. I ran 19 times for total distance of 60.04 miles. My avg time was only 10:56 but that was ok for just starting out.

I ran my first 5K on thanksgiving day and my goal for this race was just to complete the race without stopping which I was able to do. I ran my first 10K a week later. This one made me nervous. I had only run 10k two times prior to my race. My goals for this race was to complete it without stopping and beat a run time of 1:04:26. I was able to accomplish both.

I thought I was done with races. My goal was to run in one race and I managed to run in two. The month of Dec, 2010 was just fun running for me. I would try to beat my PB (Personal Best) running times and distances. I also set a PB for the most miles run in one month. I ran 75 miles beating my previous PB by 5 Miles.

Not knowing what I really wanted to do with running I started the new year off strong and set goal for 80 miles for the month of Jan. The first week I ran 27.39 miles. I also started reading more about running, training and other peoples experiences, goals and races. My brother in-law gave me some old copies of Runner's World Magazine and the Aug, 2010 issue talked me in to running a 1/2 marathon. The article was "Beat The Clock" by Michelle Hamilton with Photographs by AAron Goodman. The article also came with a 10 week training schedule for 1/2 marathon.

At this point I had only made the decision to run. I did not know when or where I would be running this race so in the mean time I continued to run, read and think about where I wanted to run my 1/2 marathon. I went onsite to one of my customers one day and the question was asked "What have you been up to?" I said not much, just running and working. I was immediately given a flyer and was told that I needed to run in their 1/2 Marathon. I took the flyer home and looked at the dates and it was right inline with the 10 week training schedule in Runner's World Magazine.

I began my 1/2 marathon training on Jan 16, 2011 and ran my first 1/2 marathon on March 26th, 2011. My goal was run it in 2 Hours and I ran it 1:56:22. I used the blog on this site to keep track of my progress as well as motivate me to keep up with my training. I am also going to be posting the runs I completed to get me ready for my 5k and 10k races last fall so be sure and check it out if you are thinking about taking up running or in training for your fist races.

Thanks for stopping by!
Running Totals:
Total Miles Ran: 391.16

Total Running Time: 65:54:23

Total Calories Burned: 48741

Avg Running Time: 35:38

Avg Pace: 10:07 /mile
Personal Best:
Fastest Mile: 7:26

Fastest 5k: 27:23 - 8:43 /mile

Fastest 10k: 54:56 - 8:49 /mile

Longest Run: 13.1 miles 1:56:22 - 8:54 /mile

Miles In 1 Month: 105.94 Miles (Jan, 2011)
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