1/2 Marathon Training - Day 14

Today was a great day for running outdoors. It was sunny and 65° F. I thought I was ready to knock this run out with no problems. I was wrong. At about mile 4 I was ready to call it quits. I was tired, dehydrated and could not get my mind into it. I switched to mile mode on my Nike + Sportband and started focusing on getting through each mile. I found myself even telling myself “You are done”. I managed to keep pushing to mile 7 and then I just stopped. I could not run anymore. I walked to the connivence store across the street and purchased a water. I got about half way through my water and then started to feel better. I felt like I could start running again and was mad I stopped. I am glad today happened... I can use this as gage in future for when I am about to quite on myself. Here are my running times for the day.

Today’s run should have been LSD 8 Miles @ 10:30 Pace

Pasted Graphic

Pasted Graphic 1

Pasted Graphic 2

The images above were captured using Runkeeper Pro for the iPhone