New To Running

I had no game plan or did I know a single thing about running. I guess I just figured you have to start somewhere so why not get out there and run. The first mistake I made as soon as I headed out the door was to run as fast as I could. I would find out later after doing some online research that you are supposed to start off slow.

My suggestions for runners just starting out:

1. Do some research. A great place to start is online. Use your google-fu and ask anything you want. I would also pickup a copy of the book "The Runner's Rule Book" by Mark Remy.

2. Buy some running shoes. I wrote a blog post on this and you can read it here.

3. Start off slow! Try jogging a block and then walk a block. If you are gasping for air you are going to fast. I started my running/walking 1 block at a time.

4. Make sure and re-hydrate yourself and stretch after your runs. Stretching is going to be a personal preference. Some runners stretch before a run and some runners do not however you should always stretch after a run.

5. Take your rest days. You will need them to build yourself up to longer and faster runs.

6. As you begin to start running you are going to find yourself coming up with all kinds of questions. I got online and would search for the answer to my questions after every run. The 1st question I had was how do you breath while running?

For me number 3 was key... It kept me from getting burned out and most of all discouraged about not being able to get out there a run a marathon my first month out :)

The information on this site is my personal take on the subject and is not considered to be a matter of fact. The information on this site is what I have learned, learning, doing or done. Please don't take my word for anything... I am not a Doctor, Trainer or any other Health Professional so please ask them for advice when it comes to what you do and how you do it.