1/2 Marathon Training - Day 60

Today was a hard day of running. First of all it is mile repeats which I do not like and I did several things wrong to boot. Today was one of the warmest days we have so far this year and I ran late in the day. I skipped lunch and ran only on my breakfast of a banana and cereal bar. I also tried to do my mile repeats without stopping. Needless to say I was taught a lesson and that lesson was that I am not Superman! The only mile I managed to run at pace was mile 2 other then that it was everything I could do to keep running. At mile 12 my body said stop! I got dizzy, lightheaded and I felt like I was going to faint. I felt it coming on 11.5 but kept on going because I was so close to my goal. What did I learn?

1. Your body needs fuel to run. Look at how many calories I burned... I had no business running that far on what I had to eat for the day.

2. Even though I took water with me on my run, I was more then likely no way near hydrated enough to run that far considering how hot it was. I know I did not drink enough during the day to make up for it.

3. I am not Superman!

Lesson Learned :)

Pasted Graphic 2

Running Detail above was obtained with my Nike+ Sportband. Click Here to read more about it.