1/2 Marathon Training - Day 11

My mile repeat was 1 MIle Warm Up, 1 Mile at a pace of 8:25, Jog 1/2 Mile, 1 Mile Cool Down and repeat it twice. This proved to be harder then I thought. The mile warm up and cool down was ok however running at 8:25 /mile was the tough part. As you can see below I was not able to accomplish the 8:25 for the whole mile on each repeat. It’s ok! I will do better next time and keep pace on Feb 23rd. I have 3 repeats at a pace of 8:20 /mile.

Warm Up Mile 1

Pasted Graphic

Mile at 8:25 Pace

Pasted Graphic 1

Cool Down Mile 1

Pasted Graphic 2

Warm Up Mile 2

Pasted Graphic 3

Mile at 8:25 Pace

Pasted Graphic 4

Cool Down Mile 2

Pasted Graphic 5

Running Detail above was obtained with my Nike+ Sportband. Click Here to read more about it.