1/2 Marathon Training - Day 12

I almost did not run today. I caught a cold from a co-worker and it has been screwing with my head all week. I sent a tweet out about running while being sick and got back “Follow the neck up rule”. I read about this in a book and forgot all about it. The rule states you can run while being sick as long as you are not sick below the neck or with Flu. I feel bad but not flu bad. It seems to just be all in my head so I headed to the gym to run. I am glad I did... It felt great. I know I was supposed to stick to 10:30 /mile however it felt to easy. I was able to avg a 9:34 pace on my 4 mile run. Here are my run results.

Pasted Graphic 1

Running Detail above was obtained with my Nike+ Sportband. Click Here to read more about it.