1/2 Marathon Training - Day 28

I cheated on this run in order to run outside. This was supposed to be ran on Saturday the 12th however there was to much snow on the sidewalks and road for me to run outside. It was a warm 60° and I knew allot of the snow was going to melt if I waited a day. It was going to be even warmer on sunday so I decided to wait. Glad I did... It was an awesome day to run outside. I also ran new route for a change of scenery which I think is key for your LSD runs. I tend to get board on my long runs and find myself just wanting the run to be over. I was able to complete all 9miles and beat my target pace. I also did not realize until now that my fast points on my run were a constant 9:16 or better.

Pasted Graphic

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